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Success Stories

Are you a founder who uses your personal brand for business? Then you’re our ideal partner. Check out a few success stories and case studies below. 

Sally-Shakti Willow, Boost Media Agency Testimonial

“I’m really happy with the results!”

I really recommend working with Boost Media for gaining that brand identity and brand Authority; it was a really quick, simple, and smooth process, and I found Lewis and the team to be super professional.

Porsche Mystique Steele, Boost Media Agency Testimonial

“It is everything you need”

Working with Lewis and his team has been absolutely mind-blowing; they were able to take my tiny digital footprint and basically expand it exponentially. Anybody who is interested in getting that press for themselves, their businesses, and their brands, definitely work with Boost Media Agency; it is everything you need and more.

Gary Borham, Boost Media Agency Testimonial

“The whole process since then has been really seamless”

His whole team has been exceptional all the way through.  As I said, it's just here to say that it's our experience so far with Boost Media has been exceptional.

Nicole Smith Levay , Boost Media Agency Testimonial

“It's so worth it and I want to continue for sure“ 

I didn't know that a service like this existed, and I'm so glad it does because it really filled my need. You guys gave me many options. What's been really amazing is connecting heart-to-heart with other entrepreneurs.

Ryan Caswell, B2B Leads

“Amazing return on investment”

One of my clients told me that she saw that article and that was the reason that she ended up working with me. That client was worth well over $16,000 to me. Just to know that there's that amazing return right there, it's really cool, so definitely recommend Lewis and his team.

Brittany Greene, Boost Media Agency Testimonial

“Super impactful”

Seeing it on my website, seeing it in my Media Kit because you have a Media Kit now, being able to see it on my Instagram, different things like that, that's been the impact. So I've been able to get speaking opportunities, and higher quality events like I just left a Forbes event.

Kadesha Powell, Boost Media Agency Testimonial

“Highly Recommend Boost Media”

I saw a noticeable difference after the article was published— I saw an uptick in Book Sales and an increase in my social media platforms. They were super professional to work with, and the turnaround time was really quick, so I highly recommend Boost Media.

Chris March, Boost Media Agency Testimonial

“Highly communicative, fantastic team”

Thanks to this, I have generated a number of new inbound leads and a potential customer which I'm looking to secure in the coming weeks. Great to work with, and highly communicative,
Lewis and the team are fantastic.

Ayódele Kolade, Boost Media Agency Testimonial

“Increase in exposure which leads to an 
increase in clients”

Lewis is so easy to work with, such a people person, so happy to help in any way that he can, and I would highly recommend working with him if you want to position yourself as a credible expert in your field.

Slaven Drinovac, Boost Media Agency Testimonial

“I very much appreciate their
hands-on approach”

I knew that personal brand is important, but I didn't realize the difference it could make until my work with Boost Media Agency... Boost Media was able to help me craft a message for people who have not yet heard or interacted with the Coaching Center.

Kathy Sparrow , Boost Media Agency Testimonial

“Easy Process, Outstanding Results”

I got feedback like wow I love your book, I bought a copy for my cousins, and it really boosted my visibility and credibility. So, I love the process, and I love the outcome even more.
ROI has b
een on that $20,000. Huge ROI

Maher Yassine, Boost Media Agency Testimonial

“Great quality work. Precise.”

I would definitely recommend Lewis to anyone and everyone. His work has yielded us a lot more publicity, and more inbound referrals, and work has actually come, so thank you so much.

Moe Abbassi, Boost Media Agency Testimonial

“Majorly helped me in terms of my authority”

I got into some major publications that majorly helped me in terms of my authority, so I just wanted to say thank you so much. Looking forward to continuing working with you, and if you've been thinking about working with Lewis, I can't suggest it enough.

Pouya Haidari , Boost Media Agency Testimonial

“It really helped with the credibility and
authority of my business”

Lewis is one of the most professional individuals that I've seen in the PR and the media space, and if you're an entrepreneur or business owner and you're looking to build your brand, build credibility, and have more authority in the space when you're speaking to your ideal target clientele, I would highly recommend you look no further than Lewis.

Allison Fallon, Boost Media Agency Testimonial

“Easy to work with”

I saw a huge uptick in followers on my Instagram in the following months, and Instagram is one of the primary ways that I capture leads. So, I was really happy with that and have been working
with Lewis
ever since.

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