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The First PR Agency To Show You How Their Services Work, Not Just Tell You.

Exclusive 90% Savings Offer So You Can Try It For Your Business. 

PR Agency Brisbane
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"Thanks so much Boost Media for the articles. My DM's are loaded!"


Founder of Bankslife


"I've worked with Boost Media for a few months now, and they continue to overdeliver. They've helped me get two of my brands multiple features and placements in outlets perfectly aligned with our brand. Definitley the best connection I've made through Instagram!"


"Working with Boost Media was a great experience: Highly professional, efficient and effective. Strongly recommendable!"


Founder of Ads Accelerator


Founder of Frenchie Wear

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"Lewis and his team are so professional and efficient.  After utilizing his PR services, my business gained traction with 2 closed deals and hundreds of leads. Thank you Boost for your service."


Founder of Concierge Consult

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"Really loved working with Lewis and his team. Easy, efficient and excellent copywriting. They told my story in such a great way."


Founder of Influence With Impact


Featured Article in Digital Journal (over 100k monthly readers)

Article Leverage Guide To Maximise exposure to potential customers

Access to 1000+ Of Our Direct Media Contacts (Forbes, Inc, & More)

Access to 1000+ Podcasts Of Our Direct Podcast Contacts

Our Proven Pitch Templates For Podcasts, Media & TV

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Dear Online Service Provider, 


If you want to increase your customer lifetime & increase your bottom line by 2-3x… 


And literally have them begging you to sell them more…


Then this will be the most important thing you read today. 


Why you might ask?


Well, over the past 4 years, our team has worked with over 1852+ paying customers. 


In over 73 different industries and niches… 


We’ve landed organic media coverage in just about every masthead you can imagine. 






Daily Mail. 




NY Post.


7 News.


You name it… we’ve done it. 


Not to mention that we’ve booked podcast appearances on 1153+ top 15% podcasts all over the world. 


You see, every business needs publicity, visibility, and a strong brand. 


Now more than ever in fact…


The problem is for most, this kind of coverage feels unattainable. 


But I digress…


Of all the customers we’ve worked with, can you guess who the most common repeat purchasers are?


It wasn’t the corporate behemoths…


And it certainly wasn’t the solopreneur “life-business-spritual-success coach”. 


It was marketing agencies & online service providers with over 10 clients. 


And hint hint: they weren't using our services for just for themselves. 


Rather they were running digital PR campaigns for their clients… 


You see, marketing is a very broad umbrella.


And a lot of business owners feel like PR falls under that umbrella.


I mean, technically they’re not wrong… 


But how many times have your customers asked if you can help them with PR?


“Um… sorry we can’t do that - why don’t we try TikTok instead?” 


**cash register groaning in agony**

Like I just mentioned: 


The stronger your brand…


The more people that know you…


Like you…


And most importantly trust you… 


The more people that will buy from you. 

But don't take my word for it: 

































































Why 1832+ Others Have Invested In PR With Us:

  • Increased Brand Visibility: Features in the media ensures that your brand is top of search results online.

  • Enhanced Credibility: Establishing you as an authority in your field which makes it a no-brainer for people to choose you over your competitors.

  • Increased Conversions: Leveraging your media across your website & socials can increase conversions by up to 47%, resulting in more high-quality leads that convert into loyal customers.

  • Improved SEO: A feature in a high-authority publication boosts your search engine rankings, driving organic traffic to your site.

  • Competitive Edge: Highlight your unique value to stand out from competitors and take more of the market share.

Which is why in 2023 we were named #5 PR Agency in the entire country (and we've only been around 4 and half years).

Just think about consumer psychology for a second. 


“Oh I saw that company in the news, they must be killing it!”


That person has no idea whether the company is doing well or not… 


They perceive that it is. 


And in todays day & age, perception is reality. 


So by providing PR to you clients, not only do you help build their brands…


But it actually makes generating insane results for them even easier…


Without any additional workload, staff, or overheads. 


Now before you call us crazy offering this for just $27… 


Let me first show you some more proof: 


















Transparently, we’ve offered this exact thing for free before… 


But you know exactly what the “want everything for free” type are like: 


You give them an inch…


And they take a mile.

"Hey can my 17 biz besties get this free too?"


They refuse to ever open their wallets. 


Which is fine. 


But you and I both know that’s not how you run a business. 

How On God’s Green Earth Can You Do This For $27?


Let's address the elephant in the room here & clear the air...


It’s pretty simple. 


Rather than book you onto a 45 minute “strategy session” like every other business out there. 


We’d rather just show you how we work…


At a fraction of the cost. 


Because I know after we help you & your clients run digital PR campaigns…


You’re gonna wanna stick with us for a very long time. 


Listen carefully to what I’m about to say next. 


Most business owners try to get a customer to make a sale


While others make a sale to start a relationship.


My hope is that you’ll love the way we work & this will be the start of a good business relationship for years to come. 


But just to be crystal clear…


There’s no obligation now or at any time to buy any of our other services. 


But with all that being said… 

Call Your Client & Tell Them They’ve Made It 


Here’s why…


This offer is extremely limited and won’t last long. 


For obvious reasons, we can’t offer unlimited purchases at over 90% off. 


In fact, we are losing money doing this… 


And no, this isn’t some sort of fake scarcity.


Can you imagine if we let any & every Joe Shmoe take this offer up?


It would be utter chaos. 


But good news is if this page is still here, then the offer is live.


But please know this: we do reserve the right to pull this page down at any time with no notice. 


And we have had to do so in the past. 


So, to ensure you don’t miss out, act now. 

We've Got Our Clients Coverage In:


"For $27…This Must Be Is Written By AI or ChatGPT"


If you think this is written by AI… 


Well, I can’t blame you. 


AI is running rampant in the world of SEO, copywriting & content marketing. 


Fortunately, we take great pride in the content we produce. 

Again: don’t take my word for it... 





















Companies That Trust Us With Their PR



Enough Talking… How Does

This Actually Work?


We keep this as simple as possible. 


  • Step 1: Complete the checkout out on this page (hint: click the big green button)


  • Step 2: Complete the short questionnaire on the next page. 


  • Step 3: Check your email inbox to review & approve the article content once the draft is ready. 


  • Step 4: Keep an eye out in your inbox for the published article.


It’s that simple. 


And also for the record: we will never hard sell you. 


Any call with us to brainstorm the best ideas for you or your clients. 

Now if all this wasn’t enough… 


Then here are your FREE bonuses. 


FREE BONUS 1:  17 Battle Tested Strategies To Leverage Publicity To Generate More Sales Opportunties & Revenue



Free Bonus 2: The Unlimited Publicity Playbook: How To Get More PR & Podcast Opportunities Than You Can Possibly Handle


Free Bonus 3: 2000+ Podcast & Media Database So You Never Have to Go Searching Again



Free Bonus 4: Featured Share Image From Your Feature To Capture & Captivate Attention




Now, I realise you might think all this seems too good to be true.


So you might be wondering what the “catch” is. 


And believe me - I’m as skeptical as you are when it comes to the shady websites out there that offer you a great deal on something. 


There’s no hidden publishing fee’s, “continuity programs, hooks, gimmicks or any shenanigans of that type. 





Please Note: Due To Recent Promotion There is extremely high demand for spots, so if it takes a few seconds to load after you submit your details please be patient. 


Like I mentioned before, this is extremely limited. So don’t be one of those people who says: “I’ll get back to this later”


Only for the page to be gone and you missing out. 


We’d hate for you to have to go to our competitors and pay 10x the price. 


Speaking of competitors… 


They will probably hate us for doing this. 


(They already do, and we love it).


While they continue to charge their customers north of $5000 per month. 


Getting them next to nothing & churning them faster than you can say “burn my money”. 


That said, lets set one thing straight: 


If you have scammy services, want to promote anything illegal, pyramidy, or even over the top self promotion...


You will not be able to work with us. 


We pride ourselves on working with ethical businesses and operators.


You see, PR is a powerful tool. 


And in the wrong hands…

It can be a disaster. 


So what are you waiting for? Fill in your details below 


















Thanks for taking the time to read this and we look forward to hearing from you soon! 


P.s - in case you’re one of those people who skips to the end, here’s the deal: 


We’re offering you a media feature for $27 to show you exactly how we work, rather than sit on a 45 minute “strategy session” to tell you. 


P.p.s - due to the nature of this offer, it is extremely limited. 


Meaning if you come back to this page tomorrow, we can’t guarantee it will still be here. 


So just act now and hit the order button. 


P.p.p.s - There’s no catch to this offer. $27 is the total cost.


You won’t be signing up to any trial or monthly program, or anything like that. 

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"Even I would want to hire me"

"Have Never Seen My Key Points Captured So Beautifully"

"So Impressed! Perfectly Captures
My Journey & Novel"

"Looks Great! No Edits Needed"

"This is Amazing!"


"$20,000 IN NEW



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"Another Superbly Written Piece"

Screen Shot 2024-06-24 at 6.16_edited.jpg
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Case Studies for Website.png
Case Studies for Website.png
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Your contact details

Your order information

*This is an extremely limited offer. All of the final details required are on the next page. Your information is secure and will not be shared.

Quadruple P.S - Still Not Convinced?


1. Your Info

Get one before stock runs out!


Select your product:

Thanks for ordering!

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  • Why hire a PR team?
    Plain and simple, Public Relations agencies have connections, experience, and a network that you do not. They can cut through the red tape that keeps you from getting your story heard. A PR team will develop PR tactics, newsworthy material, pitch to journalists, write press releases, arrange interviews with public figures, and more, all to ensure you are seen and heard.
  • What is the best PR strategy for me?
    Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and the public. Every situation is different, but at Otter PR, we are experts at customizing a PR strategy around your unique story.
  • Is there a list of podcasts you send me before I sign up?
    We don’t have a ‘list’ of podcasts we just place you on. Like every top PR company in the world, our onboarding process ensure’s that we will only be pitching and booking you on podcasts that are aligned with your brand target audience.
  • How much time is required?
    Our services are all done for you. After the onboarding process (approx. 30 min), it will be a max of between 1-3 hours per month, or less than an hour per week.
  • What if I’ve never done a podcast before?
    Short answer - no! The great thing about a podcast, is that you are sharing your insights and story - it is simply a conversation between you and the host. We'll also send you our podcast preparation guide so you know exactly how to show up and rock it.
  • What are the audiences of the podcasts?
    The minimum audience size we will book you is 1000 active listeners per episode. And the audience will be based off your industry, niche, geography, and talking points.
  • How do you guys do this?
    We have a proven process that has secured hundreds of podcast bookings for ourselves and our clients. We have softwares, systems, processes, and a great team who make this happen.
  • What if I don't like one of the podcasts?
    If you don’t like one of the podcasts that we secure an invitation for, we’ll simply get you another one. No questions asked.
  • What is the ROI?
    The ROI of PR and podcasts is multifaceted. For one, you get direct exposure to your target audience. Two, you are seen as a thought leader, and authority, which means you have the brand power and positioning to increase demand, and thus charge higher prices. Three, you have evergreen content that will show up in google permanently. Lastly, you can re purpose these clips across social media (Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok, YT shorts) to amass ten’s, if not hundreds of thousands of views.
  • Do you have a guarantee?
    Yes. We’ll get you booked on the agreed amount of podcasts in the said amount of time, or we’ll work with you for free until we do.
  • How can I leverage all the PR & podcasts?
    Don't worry about that! We will send you over our full guide on how to leverage all your PR and media to grow the bottom line of your business.
  • When is the best time to do this?
    If you do business online in any capacity, there is no time more important than the other. It is imperative that your brand is seen and message is heard all year around.

If You've Made It This Far & Are Still Unsure...

Please just click the damn button already so you don't miss out.

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